Image of clothes on clothes rail

Wardrobe Detox

This isn’t as scary or as brutal as it sounds! Lots of people ask if they are going to end up with an empty wardrobe – absolutely not! It’s not about binning all your clothes, it’s about making what you do have, work harder for you.

  • Do you wish that your wardrobe was full of outfits that simply went together without having to think about what to wear?
  • Do you feel like most women, that you only wear 20% of your wardrobe and the rest just hangs there?
  • Are you thinking about a personal styling session but wonder if it’s worth it, as your wardrobe is already full?

If so, get in touch today so I can start making getting ready in the mornings easier!

Step 1:

Before the wardrobe detox, we will have a phone consultation to talk through what you want to achieve from the session. When I arrive, we will start off by looking at your body shape and which colours suit you. This way we can identify which of your clothes are the most flattering.

Step 2:

Depending on what you have on your rails, and what your circumstances are, there will be some clothes you will want to, or need to get rid of. But I promise I won’t leave you without anything to wear!  We can work out if any simply need to be altered and then we will draw up a wish-list of clothes you need to pull your wardrobe together. You can buy them over time (with or without my help) – to ensure all your clothes go together and your wardrobe is full of outfits that go together.

Step 3:

Once we have decided which clothes you should get rid of, you can either give them to charity, sell them on eBay or at a dress exchange. Alternatively I can take them to the charity shop for you.

Prices start from £100 for 2 hours.

Personal Styling Sessions

  • Do you spend each morning staring at a wardrobe full of clothes but feel that you have nothing to wear?
  • Do you try on clothes and then take them off again feeling deflated and that they just don’t suit or fit you any more?
  • Do you wish you could be brighter and bolder with your clothes but are stuck in a rut?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like you need my help!

Coupled with a wardrobe detox, so I can see what clothes you already have, or available as a separate session, I can help with all your personal styling needs.

I am available for personal styling shopping sessions at The Lexicon in Bracknell, The Oracle in Reading, Parkway Shopping in Newbury, Windsor Royal Shopping and Festival Place, Basingstoke.

Following a phone consultation, we would meet for a coffee and pastry first, before we hit the shops. I will have already undertaken a personal styling audit, so I know exactly which shops we are planning on visiting based on our phone consultation. That way we utilise the time we have together.

At the end of the session, you will come away feeling happier and more confident and excited about the outfits you’ve bought!

Personal styling sessions start from £150 for 3 hours.


If you are just too busy to have a personal styling session or you live too far from Berkshire for me to help in person, I can e-style you! We start by having a Skype or FaceTime chat, where we go through a questionnaire so I can understand your needs, likes and dislikes etc.

Once I’ve gathered all the details I need, I will then prepare a ‘look book’ which will be the photos of the outfits I have specially selected for you (including accessories) and web links so you can shop online yourself.

This is great if you want a seasonal update to your wardrobe or are looking for an outfit for a special occasion.

Prices start from £75.

Style Workshops

Do get in touch if you’d like me to host a style workshop. I can do this for a group of friends, a networking or social group or part of a corporate package.

Let me know how many people that you would like to attend and what you would like me to cover as part of the style workshop.

This can include:

  • Body shape – which clothes suit your body shape
  • Colours – identify which colours suit you so you don’t keep making the same colour mistakes
  • Seasonal trends – quick and reasonably priced ways to update your wardrobe

If you have any questions about any of the services I offer, please do just give me a call!

Prices based on individual requirements.