4 Items To Get Your Hands On Before Summer

The daffodils are blooming and the Beast from the East and the Pest from the West (not sure why all weather terms have to rhyme) seem to have finally given up and moved on.

Temperatures are finally reaching double figures and we can at last get excited about the warmer weather without having to worry about having cold ankles.

I spend a lot of time browsing online and in-store (what a surprise I hear you say!), and my wish-list is growing by the day. So here’s my round-up of the top 4 items you need in your wardrobe this Spring/Summer.

1. The straw/rattan basket.

It can be any shape by my fav is definitely round. Make sure you search ‘Circle’ as well as ‘round’ bag or basket when searching online, as I’ve found a lot more styles that way. My favourites include ones I’ve found in Zara, Mango and Topshop. BUT the Sienna shopper basket from Bohemia Design is definitely my favourite. They have tons of different designs and sizes, so worth checking out the others too. this is a round straw basket bag


2. The denim jacket.

Every wardrobe should have a denim jacket – if you don’t, Zara do some amazing ones. This cropped one is my favourite. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s cropped – it’s actually a really flattering length. The puff shoulders aren’t for everyone but that’s why I love it. It adds a bit of ‘something’ to it.

Cropped Denim Jacket from Zara

3. A fab dress.

This is the type of dress that you can add your Stan Smiths or Converse to and look fab, whack a pair of heels on for a night out or sandals for when it warms up.

This calf length dress from H&M is a fab addition to any wardrobe. Floral is BIG this Spring/Summer and would work so well with the denim jacket and basket I’ve already mentioned.

Floral calf length dress H&M

4. Statement earrings.

I’m all over the statement earrings. I have more tassel earrings than you can shake a stick. And you should get involved too – if you haven’t already! Everywhere from Anthropologie to Primark is selling them. My favourites are from H&M and they come in SO many different colours.

Blue H&M statement earrings

So these are my top picks – what have you got your eye on?